List with Scott

Market Knowledge

Knowing how to position your home in the market is the key to selling for the highest price. While there is no agent that knows your home and immediate neighborhood as well as you do, there is also no agent that can help you position your home better than Scott. Scott ’s knowledge of the local housing market as well as the local, national and international economic and demographic trends help position your property correctly to receive the best response in today’s market.


Selling your home is different than living in it. Just like you wouldn’t sell your car without washing it or go on an interview without preparing for it, your house must be cleaned and prepared for potential buyers to come through. Scott uses interior designers and staging companies to help arrange things just right. Scott absorbs these costs to ensure everything is done right. The seller is never charged for interior design consultations.

For larger projects, Scott directs his network of contractors and handymen to make improvements that often generate 3-4 times the cost for his sellers. Many times, the cost of these improvements is delayed until escrow closes.


Today’s buyers want instant gratification. They are used to video content that grabs them. Fortunately for you, Scott treats his job not as an agent trying to sell a house, but as an advertising agency that happens to market homes. Scott uses traditional, high end professional photography to make your home pop online. Each home marketing package also includes a 3-D Walkable online tour. Additionally, most homes get a video tour that often includes aerial video helping present the home within the neighborhood. This photography and video alone run thousands of dollars per home. Once again, the cost is covered by Scott in order to deliver you superior results.


Once this great content is created, it must be presented to the right buyers in the right way. Scott uses demographically targeted marketing to push you home to qualified buyers through several advertising media:

  • Local Print Advertising – Utilizing the Union Tribune, San Diego Business Journal, Coastal Magazine, Dream Homes, a network of 13 local papers and local foreign language newspapers, Scott can target the most likely buyers for your home through print.

  • Digital Marketing – Scott determines likely buyers for your property by studying existing neighborhood demographic trends as well as local, national and international demographic and economic trends and then markets to the most likely buyers online using regionally focused demographic targeting through Google, Facebook and Instagram. We can target likely buyers anywhere from next door to around the world with great accuracy.

  • Global Marketing – As a member Sotheby’s International Realty, we have access to an unmatched global advertising network which places your home at the forefront of the international market. Using our exclusive network for property promotion, only Sotheby’s International Realty listings are featured through the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Online, Bloomberg Markets, the BBC, Financial Times, Architectural Digest and many more.


As the advertising agency for you home, Scott builds excitement up through the presentation of your home to the market. All activity is focused at what an ad agency would call the Release Date. It’s the day that after months of waiting, you can finally buy the new iPhone. For your home, that day is the Market Premier Open House. This event is the first day buyers and other agents can see your home. It is a catered event and the goal is to have multiple buyers come through the house at the same time and be influenced by the larger than normal number of people looking at the home. The goal is to create fear in buyers that they might lose out on your home and therefore influence them to move quickly and offer more than they otherwise would.