Homes in Oceanside

Being one of the farthest north cities in San Diego, Oceanside offers all the luxuries that San Diego County has to offer while still maintaining a very unique and local vibe. The Oceanside Pier, which was built back in 1888, is one of the longest wooden piers on our coast and offers up some of the best waves for surfing on the West Coast.

Easy access to the freeway gives its residents opportunity to not only explore San Diego, but the vibrant surf culture of Orange County to the north. Along with this, Oceanside is famous for its events it hosts along its beaches such as “The Beach Soccer Championships.” This contest has soccer tournaments for most people ranging from youth to the international pro teams.

Travel is made even easier as many people visiting Orange County or LA choose to take the Amtrak train system which is built along the coastline giving a spectacular view for its passengers. One of the its main stations is located in the heart of Oceanside making utilizing this transportation as easy as possible. If you enjoy a local beach community with lots to offer, Oceanside might be the place to begin your search!